Some people live their entire lives wondering if they made a difference a VETERAN does not have that problem(Ronald Reagan)    OUR PATCH IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK AND IS OWNED FOR OUR USE ONLY AS OF 04/10/2018    2018 National has come and gone but the memories will last forever.Thanks to all we had a great time.Check out the count down clock to our next GREAT NATIONAL in 2019.    WELCOME HOME ZOOT OUR NEW PROSPECT. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A PLACE TO CALL HOME COME CHECK US OUT. WE R A SMALL CLUB WITH GREAT MEMBERS SHOWING RESPECT TO ALL.    welcome home.
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I'm thankful for;

My family, my Club officers, each member of the M/C.

We have been made stronger by this year of controversy and growth.

We found ourselves without a name, colors, a leader, or direction.

We stepped up, formulated, thought, decided, and voted.

We lost members and gained BROTHERS.

We rode thousands of miles.

We laughed and cried.

We lost our youngest BROTHER,C.C., A TRUE BROTHER, AND LEADER.

We found ourselves taking on new positions even though we did not want to and thought we could not lead in those positions, but we have and will continue too.

We stood with each other, had and have our BROTHERS back.

We have stumbled, got back up, and began to crawl and scratch our way back..

We began to STAND up right and walk.

We will continue on and will survive and grow in this.  We have no doubt.



I thank you for your valued and continued support.

I promise to do the best I can and I ask each one to do the best you can to help in whatever way you can.



Ray (Skinner) Koch

National President

Missouri Original Renegade