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TOP, SAA WEST REGION from CHEYENNE wrote on 10/20/2019 at 12:53 pm:
Well, I have been negligent in my responsibilities keeping my entries into the guest book on schedule. So, a little bit. First....Welcome Home Hammer. I have not met you yet, but looking forward to it.
I finally got the clearance from my Dr. to do what ever I wanted without hurting my shoulder. Been out riding the last couple of day. As we all know that is therapy enough. will get a lot more in next week. And this winter. Those that know me , know I don't ever put the trike to bed.
To all of our new Patchholders and support members I say Welcome Home and welcome to the greatest Nam
Vets MC there ever was or will be, and thank you for your service
not only to our club but also to our country
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thank You Top glad to hear your back riding
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 10/19/2019 at 12:52 am:
Greetings Patch Holders, Supports, Prospects and Well-Wishers!!

Hope this finds all well or quickly on the mend

Just back from meeting Brother Brelon. Great trip with Brother Grumpy and time with Brother Brelon. Brought home another critter, a 10-week old kitten that had been either lost or abandoned at the hotel. Some people are just jerks. Yes I can be one, but not to animals.

Ride back was pretty wild, Chattanooga to home was Wyoming windy and cold. Plus once back in my AO, traffic got heavier, roads got worse too. Was glad I'm an experience rider.

Wanted to touch base, also WELCOME HOME Brother Hammer!


Doc Gonzo
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks for all u do for the CLUB.
Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 10/16/2019 at 6:40 pm:
Officers, Patchholders, Support and well wishers.
Doc Gonzo and I had a good visit Brelon in Byram, Ms.
Love and respect to all from Grumpy.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Glad to hear that
Remember all Patch holders,support,retired and prospects contact thru this web is one of our biggest assets.The window to what is going on in your area and communication with the rest of us.Please please use it often.
George Reischling from Rutledge wrote on 10/09/2019 at 4:56 pm:

I came upon your site while surfing the net and knew that the above statement would have special meaning for your members. Different units, different areas of training but we all worked together to accomplish the same mission and objective. Vietnam has left us all with many memories of those with whom we served and those who didn’t make it back. I served with 3/22nd, 25th Infantry Division out of Tay Ninh as an infantryman. Fought the NVA on the slopes of Nui Ba Den twice with numerous firefights in and around the area bordering the Cambodian border. Remember your Christmas in Vietnam? Mine was spent on an ambush patrol near the Cambodian border. Awarded Purple Heart and three Bronze Stars with “V”. After 5 months in the field, I was pulled to the 93rd Evac at Long Binh to work with soldiers suffering from combat fatigue. Coming home was one of the most difficult parts of our tours. Over the last 10 years, I chronicled my tour of duty and the response has been overwhelming. There are presently over One Hundred 5 Star Reviews worldwide. It’s free to Amazon Prime members. Courage on the Mountain

Thousands of Vietnam Veterans have proudly endorsed these memoirs. Please check out the website at courageonthemountain.com with the accompanying introduction. It will make you proud for your service and all the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam war.

I proud that you made it home brother! Thank you for your service and May God Bless!
George Reischling
Courage on the Mountain
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Welcome home and thanks for the post.National President Ray Skinner Koch
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 10/08/2019 at 10:29 pm:
Greetings Brothers, Supports, Prospects & well-wishers.

WHEW, what a Summer; National, another cross-country run to see Son and my Grands, short run to Patch in a new Brother (Welcome Home Brother Wrongway), run to Perryville (Brothers my apologies on not making the target run and MUCH THANKS, LOVE & RESPECT for all the assistance and Brotherhood!); next week another run with East Prez to check on a Brother.

I absolutely love being a part of this MC; I've got an anniversary coming up and I've not regretted a minute of my time in the MC. That is wholly due to the Men who are Giants I ride with and have accepted me into the Club. THANK YOU Brothers.


Doc Gonzo
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Brother we have rode together from the day we met in your ao and thru the blood guts beer tears etc its been a ride we shall always remember .I wish I could ride more like u do but..........maybe next year.
Hammer from N Ohio wrote on 10/06/2019 at 7:44 pm:
Greetings Officers, Patcholders ,Prospects and Curious , Looks like an MC with a small, tight circle. Been a long journey .
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
we have a home for u Hammer.Welcome
Singer from Beckley WV wrote on 10/06/2019 at 6:12 pm:
Greetings Brothers and Sisters!

All's good here in West Virginia. Finally getting a taste of fall...at last!

Our back deck should be getting started tomorrow.. am so excited to see how it and the french doors out of the dining room onto the deck will look!

Still keeping my eyes open looking for a trike. If you hear of any good deals, let me know!

Minor surgery Friday went well. Still sore but on the mend. Doc has been extraordinarily patient. 🙂

That's it for now...Ride safe all!

Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 10/04/2019 at 7:12 pm:
Patchholders, Support and well wishers,
Shortly Doc and I will visit Brelon. He has been isolated far too long. Brothers being Brothers.
Grumpy over and out.
Love and respect to all.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
glad I have such support from our officers picking up my slack right now.
"Cruiser" from Valdosta Area, Georgia wrote on 09/22/2019 at 7:02 am:
"Greetings and Salutations" is how my first letter came, so I joined Uncle Sam's Canoe Club! I've corresponded with NVMC NVP-Dutch and NVMC N-P Skinner. Wow, stand up individuals for sure!
This morning just north of the Florida/Georgia line I woke to 66 degrees and the driveway alarm going off. After investigating, it was a doe standing there eating acorns that had fallen over night. I guess she wanted an early breakfast before the squirrels go them. I've been riding since I inherited a '50 E-model panhead that I hid from my mom. Dad sold it once I got orders to the USS Kitty Hawk (he said that he doubted they would let me take it with me). I did a couple tours on the "ShittyKitty" as a plane captain (that is Nav-Speak for Air Force Air Crew Chief) operating all over Yankee Station. Whenever one of the squadron's birds got diverted I was the NCO that flew into DaNang, Bien Hoa, Tan Son Nhut and Phan Rang to see what had to be done. I was fortunate enough to also do a 180 day tour with the USN Mobile Riverine Force (MRF) working out of Dong Tam.
After returning to the world I bought a 1976 centennial edition FXE brand new. Never thought I'd ever pay off the $39/mo payments, but I did. Kept it until 1983 when I was at Daytona Bike Week and eyeballed a new FXRS Shovelhead (rubber mount and 5 speed-wow!) at Robinson's HD. This was before a Harley dealer became a "boutique" full of "motorclothes and chrome accessories". I rode that about 180k miles and found that I really needed something better for this old bag of bones so I found a birch white 2000 FLHTP-I which I now have. I stripped the red/blue lights and electrics off of it, got a new seat and pegs and off I go! Other than some lumbar & cervical surgeries, some AO poisoning, age-related macular degeneration and a renegade attitude I figure I am going Okay to be all I can be on a daily basis.
I was in Atlanta when the VNV/MC started up, never joined but was a welcomed guest but pulled away because of other's needs to chest pound and show off. What has drawn me to get information about the NVMC is two fold-Mission Statement and the fact that the NVMC does not involve itself in other MC's business. My phone call with NP-Skinner whet my interest for more. I am not a big "joiner" just for attention seeking. I do not reach for prestige nor praise. I pledge my support to God, my country, my brother before myself. My "cable tow" has two ends (some my understand that phrase). I "H-O-L-D F-A-S-T" on my end. Want to know more about me, please ask.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Dutch from Montana wrote on 09/20/2019 at 9:34 pm:
Sept. 21, here we go. First day of Fall, seems to happen every year about this time. I'm down to a few weeks till my ride goes up on the lift. I look at it as time to regroup, get things in order, including myself. It's my yearly maintenance, get'n right for next year ! Down South (East & West) your deal'n with "heat", but sure feels like Fall up North.Boss is gear'n up for a Main Event 15 round fight, but we all know who's gonna win that. Vegas Odds give Skinner a heavy lop sided victory over this, and he's got this entire MC in his corner.Give it hell Brother. Spring, come next year, we all will be chomp'n at the bit to hit the road, say'n to ourselves "made another one". 2020 is a big year for the Nam Vets MC, it's when we lay out our path  for the coming years. We all need to do our best to make National.We have lost some Brothers this year, but we have gained some (think it's called "Tread'n Water"), Welcome Home to our Newest Patch Brother WrongWay. You are now an "Original".Want to take a minute to put out a little more info on "Wizard". He is a Vietnam Vet who can no longer ride, yet he wants to Support our Brotherhood, the Nam Vets MC. His wife became ill and he is TCB. The measure of a man is not his circumstance, but how he handles his circumstance. Our Brotherhood is what we are about, if you are a Vietnam Vet, we will make room. We lived it back then and we live it now,We Leave No Man Behind. Good call Boss. Not many Clubs would have done what you have done here, it took Balls & Heart, and we are a better Club because of it !So now, I will look forward to December 21st, and then will tell myself, next stop is Spring........There's gonna be 10 Below Zero Days, 3 Feet of Snow, Shovelin', Snow Blowin', Haul'n Wood, Hours of Sit'n Out in the Garage Talk'n to the Bike,  Weeks without Sun, Aches and Pains and Days You Don't Want to Get Out of Bed, but we will do what we always have done, cause ................. It Don't Mean Nothin'...........Drive On                                                                                                                                          LLRBF
raymondkoch wrote on 09/19/2019 at 7:12 pm:
Talked with Gary (Wizard) Hamblin this evening he sounds very interested in joining as a Support member and as soon as we receive his paper work I will let
let the process begin to bringing him aboard.
Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 09/11/2019 at 4:56 pm:
It was Doc Gonzo and my great pleasure to do a patchover for Ray (Wrongway) Price. In our talks with him and Beth they are our kind of people. He will be a great Brother.
He has my stamp of approval.
Love and respect. Grumpy.
Gary “Wizard” Hamblin from West Jordan wrote on 09/10/2019 at 4:41 pm:
Brothers and Sister good to read all the posts. Hope this writing finds you all well. Be safe out there and anyone riding near me is welcome to take rest stop.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
thanks for the post and offer,u never know when one might need a place to snooze.
raymondkoch wrote on 09/09/2019 at 6:20 pm:
just received phone call Wrongway has been patched in.
Welcome home BROTHER wish I could have made the ride but this shit has made me avoid that.We will ride together in the future and for many years.You are in good hands with Grumpy and Doc Gonzo at your side.
Sling Blade from WA wrote on 09/09/2019 at 4:37 pm:
Greeting to all Brothers, Supporters, Prospects, and all Vietnam Era (1959-1975) Vets who ride and miss the brotherhood that is embedded in our DNA- we're here for you.
We live our core founding principles and will not yield to whims that would compromise those beliefs.
Fall is closing in on riding time, but like all the other seasons, they each give us things to remember and appreciate the approaching riding season even more. There'll be enough time for sore butts, sunburns, and eating bugs in 2020.
Life has a way of distracting us from the road ahead, we have to make a pit stop, get problems fixed, and get back on the asphalt slabs into the wind. We never seem to get enough time in the saddle. Lol!
I wish all in our club a happy home, clear roads to roam, and a cold beer without the foam!
Love, Loyalty, Respect, Brotherhood, Forever!
NSAA Sling Blade
raymondkoch wrote on 09/08/2019 at 9:11 am:
Brothers please travel smart and safe.My thoughts will be with you as you conduct business for the CLUB.Thanks
Radio from Clearlake wrote on 09/04/2019 at 10:59 am:
Greetings Brothers and Support,
Has been a great summer with plenty of riding time. The fog has begun, so guess fall has arrived. Will try for one more good ride to Idaho soon before the wet starts.
Just replaced my primary tensioner with a manual adjuster. Kept having a hard time with neutral. Need a couple rides now to see how that works.
Best wishes to all.
Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 08/31/2019 at 7:35 pm:
Patchholders, Support and well wishers.
Sitting in Route 66 Hotel in Springfield, Illinois.
Tomorrow going to the flat track races. The fastest mile anywhere. My birthday present to myself
Hope everyone is doing good.
Love and respect for Grumpy
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER hope you enjoy the race.
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 08/30/2019 at 9:02 am:
Greetings Brothers, Supports, Prospects and well-wishers.

I appreciate Brother Twins words of support and encouragement.

What I don't get is several years ago, my Dad, WWII Combat Vet, was diagnosed with Stage IV, metastasized lung cancer in April. He'd smoked for years, pretty much since he was a teenager. DAV got him 100% service connected in just a couple of months. And he had malaria he'd picked up somewhere in Europe. So one was basically from his doing, malaria from the Army.

In my case I've tried every avenue I can think of and to my mind I have legitimate service connected issues, and nothing. Even flat out denied service connection. So at this point, I don't even see any use, point or positive outcome for me to keep fighting the VA. They win ... again.

As we used to say, it don't mean nothing, just a thing


Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
I hope when my fight starts I have better luck but it is what it is just a thing that don't mean nothing.amen
Twin from Texas wrote on 08/28/2019 at 11:05 am:
Hello to all Brothers ,support and friends

I see some of you have trouble with the V.A.. Don't give up, it took me 10 years to get to 100 % .They fight you all of the way . Get a non V.A. DR. to make a report on what ever you are filling on. The V.A. takes their reports more then their own DR. I always say they F--k me up, so they can fix me up.

Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
after I get this shit cleared up I will be looking to do the same.