no regret
The Nam Vets M/C is dedicated to maintaining the special friendships and associations created and developed through our service to this Great Country during the Vietnam War era, 1959 to 1975.
Our main mission is to support Veteran's charities in whatever form, by means of personal involvement either through volunteering or fundraising events. In particular by supporting and contributing
to Veterans Hospitals and Veterans Nursing homes. These are charities to which we hold a very special allegiance.
We offer qualified veterans (who served during 1959 to 1975) a unique opportunity to continue to enjoy those friendships through the brotherhood of motorcycling.The thread that binds the fabric of the Nam Vets M/C is the respect for the sacrifices made by all Veterans. As a motorcycle club we are dedicated to enhancing the image of motorcyclist, at the same time seeking to ensure that all Veterans and their families have the opportunity to freely associate with one another without fear for their safety and welfare.These are fundamental rights guaranteed by the Supreme Court and the Constitution of the United States.