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Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 03/10/2021 at 4:58 pm
Greetings Brothers, Supports, Prospects, lookey-loos and well-wishers!!

FINALLY got some wind therapy, not as far as I would've liked, but far enough to clear some of the muck outta my head. So that's the good news.

On the other front, had to sell the bumblebee today. It just wasn't economically feasible to keep her. The balancer and oil pump had pretty much eaten themselves. There was no cheap option for repair.

My mechanic stepped up and offered to trade me labor for her, which, though I hated it, seemed like the best option. Don't mean nothin', it's just a machine.

Okay, more GREAT news; Singer got on her trike today and got some familiar with it. We were both happy she managed to get into third gear. Which is really quite an accomplishment for her. She had a really bad crash back in the 1980s that left her more than a little skittish about riding solo again. I'm hopeful by the time National comes around, she'll be able to ride with us.

We're headed out on vacation, (We're both retired isn't that vacation enough?) Saturday, got our 'rona tests back, we're both negative, got both our entry visas approved, so progress has occurred.


Doc Gonzo & Singer
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
progress is always good please go slow and easy
William Black from Wichita Falls wrote on 03/10/2021 at 9:55 am
Hello to all Patch members and Prospects from Texas. I had two Nerve ending burn treatments on both sides of my neck so hopefully it will be better, still stiff from the right side last week. Going to get my Texas State Inspection on my Bike this week or next and looking forward to riding with Twin some and gearing up for the June National, might ride out to Western N.C. in April to visit the few Relatives I have left. May the Lord Bless each of you. Ride safe. Prospect RevMrBlack
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
glad to hear your getting ready to ride hope the neck gets well.
Radio from Clearlake wrote on 03/09/2021 at 9:51 pm
Greetings Brothers, Prospects and Support,
Had two days of dry weather in a row. Another day or two and the puddles will start to dry up. Must be Spring teaser.
Replaced back tire last week. You would think with all our technology someone could provide a tire with a bit more mileage.
Spent a few days tending my back. Just the normal Spring yard work strains and pains. Took a few short rides, still a little chilly in the mornings. Ready for Spring run.
Stay safe, warm and dry.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
ride safe good to hear from you
John Wessel from Lees Summit wrote on 03/09/2021 at 8:53 pm
Back home in my AO and the weather is great. Looking forward to riding with the group. Will have the J&J vaccine on Thursday, glad it’s the one time shot! Hope everyone is doing well.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
ride on PROSPECT on the way to Doctor for my 3 month check.
Joseph L. Moskaly from Champiom, MO. wrote on 03/09/2021 at 4:58 pm
Quick note that JoAnna is in the process of moving from her LOC , and she said she would notify me of the new address.
Still have PT 2/3 times aweek, still a pain in the ASS...! Guess we all should have treated the body parts kinder in our earlier years.. Semper Fidelas
God willing see ya all at Nat'l
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Michael Lynn Robeson from Perrysburg wrote on 03/08/2021 at 8:23 pm
Greetings, Boss Skinner, Regional Presidents, Patched Members, Prospects, and Supports.
Sorry for the late response. Spent the day at the VA.
It seems my prostate has enlarged to the size of a small ball and slowed the flow from the bladder. Good News is the Cancer didn't come back.
They increased my meds and hopefully I won't have to go under the knife to remove the prostate. The problem being, that my heart might not be strong enough to handle an operation.
On the HIGH side, the weather is warming the roads are clear and baby girl and I are riding the wind. My AO is looking good. Hoping to see everyone at National's

This is THUMPER,
Over and Out
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
keep up the good fight BROTHER
Do not understand all I do not know about computer shit.Awhile back I could not view our GALLERY page on a regular basis by just clicking on the word at top of page like I always use to.Now it's back working so I guess the ghost of illogical computer shit has decided to leave.
Weather here is getting better and I shall pull PEARL out soon and take her for a ride.
Daughter is getting remarried this Friday and I'm doing the ceremony may bring my shotgun along for kicks.Josh is a great guy and even rides a HARLEY woohooo.
I have taken my second vaccine shot a few days ago.Side effects where a low grade fever for one day.Still doing good no green color or any odd growth so your choice do it or don't.
Sent out a packet today to a possible new prospect in Pennsylvania sounds very interested.
New BROTHERS and Support members are still out there looking for a CLUB and someone to ride with.I believe we will continue to grow because of how hard our CLUB works and how GREAT you all are,THANK YOU.
Twin from Wichita Falls wrote on 03/08/2021 at 4:44 pm
Hello to all Patch holders ,prospects and supports
The weather is warming up and it is ride time in Texas. Just got the trike out of the shop this week. I hope every one gets to feel the breeze . Spring is coming soon .
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Dutch from Montana wrote on 03/08/2021 at 8:28 am
Winter is giving it up, here on the Canadian Border. Starting to see more of the clearing, at least on the North side. Still have my least favorite part of the year to go through, the thaw. It will be 2 or 3 weeks of misery, while our connecting road down to the pavement turns into a mud bog.
Still, there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Am seeing a pattern here,
April is my month to ride
1st rides:
2017 - April 16
2018 - April 27
2019 - April 21
2020 - April 19
I get my second shot on Thursday, so that's out of the way. Looks like I will have to put a new set of tires on the Road King for the 4000 ride in June. I would have liked to see what kind of mileage I could have stretched these Michelins to, but it's just not in the cards. Don't want to be riding on "cord" on my return from Missouri. 
I see BD is headed for Montana, will be good to have another Patch in the state.
We continue to get a lot of inquiries into our Club.  You all deserve much credit for putting your blood, sweat, tears, and heart into our Brotherhood. Nam Vets M/C is alive and doing well !
Our Patch will be back on the Interstate this year, so keep your back to the sun, face to the wind, and enjoy the ride !
By the way Brother Brelon, I'm with Boss, Tripwire just rocks 😉
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
our PATCH is being seen more and more.RESPECT to all.
Scout from Issaquah wrote on 03/07/2021 at 9:50 pm
All is well with me here in Washington
I’ve had my first COVID shot and will get my second shot next Saturday.
Looking forward to the Northwest Spring Run.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
stay healthy BROTHER
Richard Starnes from Jackson, Mississippi wrote on 03/07/2021 at 8:14 pm
Everything is kind of quiet here and the weather has been really nice up to 80 deg.. I have been hanging out waiting for some surgery. Bikes are ready and have been calling me. Sitting on the porch at night been hearing a LOT of Owls lately. Just one thing I get to do whoohoo. Better go I'm talking about owls. Everybody have a great week.
Brelon Tripwire over and out
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
we have the peep frogs here,love the Tripwire addition.
HANDS Dave Culmer from Los Angeles wrote on 03/07/2021 at 5:55 pm
Hello to President Skinner ,all patch holder ,prospect and support.
How du...Los Angeles is the same but the population is getting smaller. The weather is fine but the open service organization watering holes are few. I find that rice burners are not the way to go. I'm going to trade back up to a hog, a Street Glide! I grew up with forward foot boards, and want them back. I got my two shots at the VA (parking lot) which was ok. now I'm going to get my virus inoculations. I'm getting kind of excited about June. How close can I fly from LA before I need to rent a car? I haven't been chatting for awhile for which I apologize for. That's all from post no # 2 SIRP!
Hands, Out!
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
St.Louis then you could do a shuttle flight to Cape Girardeau but I think St.Louis is where to rent a car and drive the 150 miles to where NATIONAL is going to be.Maybe able to get you picked up will see.
HANDS Dave Culmer from Los Angeles wrote on 03/07/2021 at 5:26 pm
Hello to President Skinner ,all patch holder ,prospect and support
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 03/07/2021 at 5:19 pm
Greetings Patchholders, Support, Prospects and Retirees.
Nothing much going on here.
Brother BD from Lewiston wrote on 03/07/2021 at 4:59 pm
Good afternoon Boss, all my Brothers, prospects and supports. The weather in the LC valley has changed for the better. All the snow is gone and we actually got into the mid 60’s last week. I swung my leg over the scoot and hit the road. The only way to go here is up out of the valley so away I went. Of course the temperature up high was in the 30’s and while the road was in good shape, the pastures still had 2 ft of snow. All in all it was a good ride. Wind therapy tends to help cure what ails me. I will be moving on to Montana come the 1st of April. I am eagerly awaiting the move. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. I hope all of you are going well! NVFFNV BD
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
glad to hear from ya and that things are going well
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 03/07/2021 at 3:52 pm
Greetings All!!!

Been on the hide out lately, that whole Winter thing I guess. Anyway, days are getting longer and longer; time to National shorter, which of course Singer and I are greatly looking forward too.

Nope, still haven't gotten any more miles on my new bike. This coming week is looking good weather wise though. Temps near 60 and no rain. Probably run down to Charlotte and get bike serviced there.

Singer has another trip scheduled for us. I'm really hoping the fun factor vastly out weighs the PIA of having a swab run through our noses to the back of our brains and having to deal with TSA at the airports. I never much liked flying in the first place and anything that makes it more inconvenient is even a bigger PIA. I told her next trip with be either Key West (I know a great hotel there) or Texas to explore the "painted churches." They are every bit as elegant as any church in Europe and won't cost a fortune to see.

Anyway, we're both alive and kicking. Looking forward to riding with Brothers again.


Doc Gonzo
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks for the POST.Please all be careful riding seen a aftermath of new rider missed judging a corner by a friends house we were going to guy did not make it.Ran off the road went airborne hit concrete culvert flew through the air 25ft hit ground on far side of creek.Was flown out but did not make it so I heard.
GearBox from Surprise wrote on 03/06/2021 at 8:18 pm
Greetings Boss, patched brothers, prospects, support, etc. Sorry Boss been a few since I posted. Was busy house training our new addition. The little squirt now scratches at the patio door when she has to go out, ( Hurray Success ) LOL. Anyway all is good our AO. Now maybe I can get some wind. Glad to hear TX has opened up and other states are following. Amen, Maybe we are finally turning into the home stretch, ( fingers crossed ). Positive thoughts to all on mend. All for now. ML&R NVFFNV
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
you need to send pictures of new addition.glad to hear that's going well also needed wind therapy makes it all good.
RTO (eddie) from West Mifflin, (pittsburgh) Pa wrote on 03/02/2021 at 10:22 am
Top of the morning Boss Skinner, Regional Presidents, patched brothers, Prospects & support

Life is good, spring will be here in a matter of weeks, Phil the groundhog predicted 6 more weeks of winter four weeks ago today, and the days are getting warmer, it will be 50+ here on Thursday. Snow is tapering off rather quickly, love it.

Just got back from another V.A. appointment to certify that I have neuropathy, trust me I have neuropathy. This is the third appointment in 2 years I've been to and they still want to deny me, that is not going to happen..

I found out yesterday that the shop I took my bike to in June 2020 to get inspected forgot to return my registration and insurance cards to me, I called and of course their answer was I returned them to your tour pack and then yelled out to his son " hey Jordan did you see Ed Cerilli's card ", trust me I would not loose these cards in a million years and they certainly aren't going to remember 9 months later, I guarantee this will never happen again.. It's a good thing both of these documents are due for renewal.

Just checking in to let all know all is well in my AO

peace be with you all.. approx. 110 days to the national

Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
WARMING UP HERE ALSO.may try to do a little ride over next two days just around the county
wayne watts kilo from bow, wa wrote on 03/01/2021 at 12:59 pm
Good morning to Boss Skinner, all Regional Presidents, the Patched Members, all current Prospects, and Support. I guess spring has started, some where around some corner. I had breakfast with Regional President, Radio, Saturday. I made a mistake Friday by leaving my trike out of the bike bungalow. I parked it in my front yard so I could walk out my front door, get on and take off. At the time that seemed to be a good plan. Saturday morning, I went out to warm it up. Surprise, it had rained in the night and the bike was a sheet of ice. Being 31 deg. could not have any thing to do with it being a green popsicle. Thank God for electricity. Turned the heated seats on and melted the ice so I could set down. I plugged the rest of me into the heater and took off for breakfast, met up with Radio about 30 min. later, and we road to Hamilton, WA. The only thing that froze was the end of my nose. We had a good breakfast, set and talked for around 2 hr. The ride back home was a lot warmer, at least above freezing. I am chomping at the bit to get on the road, find some sun and dry road. I need to blow a whole lot of stink off me. This C-19 is jest about gone, still a little short of breath. The Sun is coming. Ride safe. KILO.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
sounds great THANKS for the update
Daneen ( D9) from Pittsburgh wrote on 02/27/2021 at 8:52 am
Good morning Boss Skinner, Regional Presidents, patched members, prospects and Support:
A great Club and great people that I'm looking forward to meeting at Nationals in June. I'm also looking forward to getting my patches, and will wear my vest proudly.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks I know you will be a GREAT SUPPORT member