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William (Crash) Crook from Kansas City wrote on 10/04/2022 at 12:58 pm
Hello everyone, just checking in. Nothing going on with me except stating out of trouble.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
that's a good thing with this cooler weather it means riding time is coming to an end UGH!
TWIN from Wichita Falls wrote on 09/27/2022 at 2:44 pm
Hello to all
I am glad to see we are getting a lot of post and visit to our web site. The Texas bunch are still going strong. Temp. down below 100 so it has been good riding weather. Going to Dr. tomorrow and get scoped ,fun fun.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
good luck with DOC
William (Crash)Crook from Kansas City wrote on 09/23/2022 at 10:23 am
Just checking in. Nothing new, just waiting to see if I become a member. I hope thing is going ok with everyone.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Rebel from Lees Summit wrote on 09/22/2022 at 6:09 am
Greetings to all Patched members, Prospects, and Support. Been traveling for a few weeks in NJ and NY, unfortunately not on the bike. Ready to get back home and on the bike again. Had some excitement in our local area with some 1% clubs, 5 shot and in the hospital, not all details have been released yet. Still trying to figure our who is the dominant club. I’ll let you know if there are any updates.
Wishing everyone good health and safe riding.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
stay safe hope you and yours had a great time on vacation
LINEBACKER from Cave Creek wrote on 09/17/2022 at 12:58 pm
Greetings Boss Skinner, Patched Members, Prospects and Support. DOC GONZO, Brother we are sad to hear about your families loss. Our prayers are with you and your family.

Things are going good in the Region with our riding season just getting underway. I'm excited to make longer rides with more of our members. As always if you are in the Region please contact one of us and lets ride.
My wife Andrea and I made at driving trip for a couple of weeks and covered 7,591 miles, 127:19 hours of driving, averaging 39.7 MPG. Phoenix to Key West up the East Coast to Main and back across. Our next long trip is across Canada if anyone has tips about that run please let me know. Today the SWR Brothers and Sisters may a run to Wickenburg for breakfast perfect weather and amazing ride.

It's great to see so many hits on our website and more over the request for information about membership. Great job to our leadership and all those Original BROTHERS with the foresight to set up the website.

Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks it's been a pleasant chore for the most part
Dan Collins(Grump) from Coeur d'Alene ID wrote on 09/17/2022 at 9:57 am
Greetings boss and all, it's been a while since I posted been riding while I can. I've put 13000 miles on my trike in the last year. I'm just getting over the flu now so not riding
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
hope your better soon
Rascal from Pittsburgh wrote on 09/16/2022 at 7:13 pm
Greetings Boss Skinner, Patched Members, Prospects and Support. It’s been awhile so I thought I better check in. I did a wounded warrior run a couple weeks ago, still having tailbone issues made 2 of the 3 stops then headed back to starting point for a cold one and listen to the band. They were quite good. The following weekend was the run for RTO, I made a showing for our club but couldn’t do the run, that run I would like to have done.
Wife retired about 4 weeks ago, she’s bored lmao.
Weather here is cool at nite but has been nice during the day. Haven’t ridden as much as I’d like, so going to go tomorrow.
That’s it for now, ride safe

Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
always good to hear about rides,I know a lot of BROTHERS would have like to make RTO"s ride
Ronnie Green from Altoona Pa wrote on 09/15/2022 at 11:34 am
Respectfully request contact information on Club membership requirements. Thank you. USMC 1973 1977.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
send me your home address and I will have a BROTHER contact you .Go to contact page on website or call 1-573-300-1066
Doc Gonzo from Sioux City IA wrote on 09/15/2022 at 9:47 am
Hello Brothers, Supports & Prospects

Just checking in. All is well here. Headed home.

Looks like I'll have at least two more runs this year. One to NC to meet a Prospect, the other to Biketober Fest in Daytona with my Brother Kenny. That one may not happen as he's still a working man and burned up all his personal, vacation and bereavement days.

His son had a great memorial service, friends came from as far away as Baltimore to send him off.


Doc Gonzo
Dutch from Montana wrote on 09/14/2022 at 9:16 am
Check'n in, wishing all Patch Holders well.
Sit Rep for Montana ....
.... So Far So Good .....
THUMPER from PERRYSBURG wrote on 09/10/2022 at 6:03 am
Greetings Boss Skinner, Patched Members, Prospects and Support.
It's been awhile so I thought I'd check in. Nothing has changed in my life so everything is pretty much the same.
Being a caregiver keeps me home 24/7. I may have to put the battery tender back on the bike.
My mom Keeps on Keeping On. However I am blessed, not all 74 year old men still has a Mother.

My prayers and best wishes go out to, Doc Gonzo and his family. Sorry for your loss.

I keep telling myself that things will get better but life keeps throwing me curve balls.
God must have better plan for me. (It is what it is) Is what my Oldest use to tell me, may she rest in peace.

The day will come soon I hope, where I can saddle up and get the wind in my face.
Till then Stay Safe, keep it up right in between the ditches.

Love, Honor and Respect to all my Brothers in arms.

Till we meet again, this is Thumper, over but never out.

Doc Gonzo from Williston ND wrote on 09/08/2022 at 10:59 am
Greetings Brothers; Supports & Prospects

Looks like we're not meant to stay home this Summer.

We're back in Williston under less than favourable circumstances.

On 9/4 got a call from my Sister-in-Law my Nephew had passed away unexpectedly. So of course we jumped in the car and headed back here and here we are for a bit.

If I could ask for prayers, positive thoughts or waves for our family, we'd all appreciate it very much.

Josh was a great guy who loved life, his family, cars and music. We'll all miss him greatly.


Doc Gonzo & Singer
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Doc Gonzo from Topeka KS wrote on 08/25/2022 at 9:22 pm
Greetings Brothers, Supports, & Prospects!!

Well still out on the seemingly never ending trip. So far we've had good weather and mostly good luck with the RV. Had to replace all the rubber hoses in the fuel filler lines because they were beyond dry rotted. Then had to replace front tires. Luckily, before any catastrophe had a chance to occur.

I copied Brother Rebel's raffle add and placed it in my neighbourhood fb page. Had about 2 dozen people look at it, so far no takers though.

Haven't heard how Brother Draco is going, prayers and positive vibes for him continuing to do well.

Just wanted to let everyone know we're still alive and kicking. Hoping to roll into the homestead NLT Sunday afternoon.


Doc Gonzo & Singer
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
great to hear you all had fun be safe
Daniel Beaulieu from Peoria wrote on 08/10/2022 at 4:26 pm
Greetings Boss, Patched Members, Prospects and Supporters. Finally getting cooler here in Phoenix while the humidity it going up which makes it that more miserable. Would love to be a winter visitor here ha ha. Got a lot of traveling coming up for our guys this fall which I will expound on later. Glad to hear brother Draco is doing better still sending prayers his way. Hope everyone is doing better. NVFFNV
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks for the post nicer weather here also.However bike is down getting finder fixed UGH
Rebel from Lees Summit wrote on 08/08/2022 at 6:11 am
Greetings Brothers, Prospects & Support,
Things are hot and crazy in my AO. Close to 100 degrees every day (Like most of us in the Midwest) but relief is on the way even if for only a few days. Not getting as much riding in as needed but I guess I can sit in my chair and blow the hair dryer on high heat on my face, feels about the same! Still thinking and praying for Brother Draco, hoping for the best recovery.
Stay healthy, be safe, and ride when you can,
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
hot hot hot 106 today and I am headed to doctor get a little toe nail work ugh
Radio from Clearlake wrote on 08/05/2022 at 8:31 pm
Greetings Brothers, Prospects and Support,
All is well in the Northwest. Sun still shining.
Sold my home to one of my Grandsons. Proceeds split up with other Grandchildren so they can purchase their own homes. Now homeless. Waiting for Park model to show up and have my own place to lay my head. Hoping to have less work and more time to ride.
Hope all are well. Ride hard/Stop often
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
good for ya,enjoy.
Robert McGuire from Cave Creek wrote on 08/01/2022 at 3:01 pm
Greetings Boss Skinner, Patched Members, Prospects and Support. I'm so happy to hear DRACO is doing better "What a blessing". It sounds like Phoenix isn't the only (Hotter Then Hell) location. We have continued our Saturday rides with an earlier departure time to take advantage of the cool air. This week the rain has kept the temperatures down just under 100 but wet with flash flooding. My Indian has a weeping right fork it's our first problem in 24,500 miles. The extended Warranty should cover it. The SWR warriors are doing well with our numbers holding and we've had some interest in the club by a couple of vet's. To all the SAA's I hope to be riding in your AOR's in the near future and I hope you and or members make the trip west. If you ride our here I will pick up your meal and the first drink!

Robert "LINEBACKER" McGuire
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
always a bed for you here and a cold drink
RaymondKoch(Skinner National President) from Piedmont,Mo wrote on 08/01/2022 at 8:28 am
Thank you all for helping us reach 50,000 views on our page in such a short time.
We are a slow growing CLUB showing RESPECT to all not claiming any STATE(NOMAD). Veterans riding together and remembering those Veterans that can't.We are also a dinosaur CLUB when our last member passes on to ride in the sky our CLUB will die.
William Black from Wichita Falls wrote on 07/28/2022 at 7:41 pm
Howdy from Wichita Falls, Texas area. Been around 113 degrees HOT for around a Month now. Some say it's hotter than Hell but I'm sure it is hotter there and will never cool off but here it will cool down in time. I have had some nerve endings burned on both sides of my lower neck. My upper neck on both sides are still giving me a time. My middle Son Jeremy and family are visiting here with us from Colorado Springs, Colorado and it has been fun, they will head back on Saturday. They have loved being in Starla's Swimming Pool. Well I pray the Lord's Blessings on Draco out Brother and ask God to lift him up. Blessings to each of you. RevMrBlack NAM VETS MC NOMADS National Chaplain
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thank you
William Black from Wichita Falls wrote on 07/28/2022 at 7:17 pm
Let's all pull together for our Brother Draco, that God might give him a Special Touch and Blessings. You have all our Brothers Support Draco. RevMrBlack NAM VETS MC NOMADS National Chaplain