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Lee r. Martin from Saluda nc wrote on 04/09/2021 at 12:16 pm
First cav crewchief slick 66 67
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Welcome home
Michael Lynn Robeson from Perrysburg wrote on 04/07/2021 at 9:01 pm
Just returned from an RV trip to Tennessee. Two weeks with my kids. Had a fantastic time. I got within a hundred and fifty-five miles from home before the fuel injectors began spewing fuel all over the top of the engine. AAA towed me 100 miles, the rest was on me. $250.00 for 55 miles.
Looks like the next week or so I'll be making like mr. Goodwrench. Funny how a one dollar O ring can put a damper on a good Trip
It is good to be back in my AO though.
Baby girl is getting anxious for upcoming Nationals.
I hope everyone is doing well and we have a good turnout this summer.
Till then
this is THUMPER checking in and signing out.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
to bad about your fuel injectors sounds like a good trip glad to hear that
see you soon stay safe.
RTO from West Mifflin, Pa wrote on 04/06/2021 at 11:51 am
a great day to you Boss Skinner, patched members, prospects, & support

Well I finally got my new Paul Yaffe 13 inch high rise bars on Lame/Andy, it took a couple of day but he's done.

Gonna head out for a ride in a little bit, tired from the first grass cutting of the year, did half today and will do the other half tomorrow.

Got caught up in a local credit card scam that came from the medical organization that I use, some two hundred people were involved, just a waste of my time.

Heading out to Gettysburg on memorial day weekend with some friends in place of Rolling thunder weekend ride, should be a great time.

weather is fantastic here in Pittsburgh 70's, little to no rain, can't complain for this time of the year.

looking forward to hooking up with Doc Gonzo, Zoot and anyone else going in a few weeks to patch in prospect Rascal.

All is good here in my AO, D9 sends her love and is excited about going to the national in June..

so until then, peace be with you all and well see ya soon..

Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
raymondkoch wrote on 04/05/2021 at 7:46 am
Looks like a good day today so I will ride over to see LAAM.2.5 hours one way so better get started.Hope weather is good for all.
Radio from Clearlake wrote on 04/04/2021 at 11:36 am
Happy Easter to all. Weather is looking up. Snow is starting to thin on hills, ready to roll. Calendar is filling up fast. Out of State prospect ride this month, Spring run May, National June, New great grand baby July with Weddings and receptions sprinkled in. Should be a fun and busy Summer.
Hope all are doing well with plenty of road miles to come.
wayne watts from bow wrote on 04/04/2021 at 3:09 am
Good morning to Boss Skinner, all Regional Presidents, the Patched Members, all current Prospects, and Support. Here its Easter morning again. There was a Easter long ago that wasn’t a time of hope, joy good food, laughing children, candy, or family. You had your weapon, your brothers around you, and God. In his wisdom he let some of us come home, others he called home, to rest in his arms. This is a time that he had to call his son home. I am thankful that God passed me over as he called his children home. Someday it will be my turn, I hope, to join my family, and brother’s that are waiting for me.
Until then I have a world to see, my Nam. Brothers to meet, friends to make, and roads to ride. Things have been going good here. The sun has been coming out and getting a little warmer.
Unfortunately, it looks like it will be raining at the time I want to leave. Go figure, the PNW and rain. I may jest have to bite the bullet, put my rain gear on and go. It sure won’t be the first time. I will be back to make the spring run with Regional President Radio, the patched brothers, and any other prospects. I am looking forward to this run, and very much the National. Its time to see if I can get another hours sleep. I hope all stay safe, warm, dry, and healthy
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
thank you KILO hope all goes well.Soon the NATIONAL meeting will be here and BROTHERS can enjoy each others company
Brother BD from Thompson Falls wrote on 04/02/2021 at 4:53 pm
Greetings Boss, All my Brothers, Prospects and Supports. I everyone is well or at least on the mend. It was 66 here today so I threw my leg over the scoot and blasted down Mt 200 to show our colors! It was a fine ride even with a mean crosswind. We should have a great meet up next month for our NW spring run. It’s been a while since I’ve seen everyone and I’m ready to ride with my Brothers! Happy Easter to all my Brothers! Stay safe! Nationals will be upon us before you know it!
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Herky from Weiser wrote on 04/01/2021 at 7:55 am
Greetings all Patchholders, Support, Prospects and those interested in us.
Looking like Spring is here to stay, or is it just April fools day?
Forecast in the 70's for the week ahead.
Excited for the NW Spring run, Brother Radio has things all set with a road trip to all the local interests, great food, I hear our 1st meal provided by our Motel Hosts .
Hopefully all those of us NW tribe will be able to make it and kick off a GREAT riding Season .
My trusty Vaquero was raring to go for the year until the battery gave up after (can you believe) 7 years of service? There spendy Batts though, $179.
Wishing you all a Blessed Resurrection weekend, ride if you can and ponder the great gift the has been paid for our Redemption.
My bobber project should pickup now that weather had moderated.
Not a whole lot left, just tweek things, carb jets and paint mostly.
Prayers for you all riding this year and may your rides be trouble free.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
wish I could make the run have a good safe time.
GearBox from Surprise wrote on 03/31/2021 at 4:46 pm
Greetings Boss, Patched, prospects , support ,etc. Excellent week so far, lots of wind time. ( 80's and 90's ) . Wife and I taking it easy today cause finally got the one time J & J shot this morning. Had breakfast with brother Steamer and crew monday, great time as always. All is good both our AO's,. Hoping this weather comes your way. Positive thoughts to all on mend. All for now , Stay safe all. LLRBF NVFFNV
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
starting Saturday weather here is suppose to be good.We were going to celebrate Easter with family but they all got 24 hour bug so staying home and do some work here.
Loren Jerome ( Rascal) from Pittsburgh wrote on 03/30/2021 at 2:40 pm
Greetings to Boss Skinner, Regional Presidents, Patched Members, Prospects and Support. Had a great ride with RTO, Support Daneen , and Bryan a friend of RTO’s last weekend. Great weather for this time of year. Looking forward to even warmer weather soon, although that means a lot of work around the yard for a few weeks. Once it’s done I’ll be happy. I’ve been doing some work to get ahead of the game. Now there calling for snow Thursday into Friday, ugh! I hope it’s the last. Not much else going on here in the burg. So for now stay safe, ride when u can. See you all soon.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
thanks for the post glad you all got together for some wind.
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 03/27/2021 at 1:04 am
GREETINGS Brothers, Supports, Prospects and others!!

Well finally getting some miles on the Indian. Rode down to Bristol VA. Really good dealership there. And WOW, is Indian stuff affordable compared to HD. Way less than a Hundred Dollars for a complete fluids change. I also get a set of foot pegs, sure those were spendy, but they match my handgrips.

Also found out a Stage 3 upgrade is about half what HD charges for one.

So ya, I'm very happy with the Injun.

Did get bad news on the bumblebee. Seems the oil filter failed which led to a massive failure of the balancer. I hated to do it, but it just wasn't economically reasonable to put even more money into it. My mechanic gave me a decent offer for it, so I took it. Doesn't mean I'm happy about it, but I accept it, also the selling Black Betty. But I've got a wicked cool bike that could be the last bike I buy.

Singer is getting some time on her new to her trike. Doubt she'll be ready this year for either Iron Mountain or Needle Highway, but she should be okay for regular riding.

All's good here in my AO, or at least it seems to be. We're both looking forward to National. Oh, Boss Skinner, we may need a cabin spot. Pretty much looks like the RV is not dead, but clearly dying. :-O Don't mean nothin'


Doc Gonzo
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
GearBox from Surprise wrote on 03/25/2021 at 11:30 am
Morning Boss, Patched, prospects , support, etc. All is good our AO. Weather is the pits today and tomorrow, ( windy and some rain ) Starting Sat, looks good for wind therapy ( 80's ) . Hope all are doing well and staying safe. All for now. ML&R LLRBF
TOP from Cheyenne wrote on 03/25/2021 at 10:00 am
here it is getting closer to nationals i am in need of some help. I am in need of one of you camera types, i need some information on what type of camera and make of camera i should be looking for. any and all information wil be greatly appreciated,
on a sperate note, WELCOME HOME, to all new prospects and everyone i have not met in person yet. hoping all is well for you and your families.all is well here, just getting quite a bit anxious now.
RTO (Eddie) from West Mifflin, Pa wrote on 03/21/2021 at 7:18 am
Great morning Boss Skinner, Reg. Pres, brothers, Prospects, & support

Well finally a day to ride, gonna be 68 & sunny. I'll be hooking up with prospect Rascal for a ride and lunch, heading out to a biker bar for some good food. we're going to wear our colors proudly today..

All is good in our AO, had a nasty cold last week, all good now. I was rejected for my disability by the V.A. for neuropathy, said I didn't report it within 1 year of leaving Nam, bullshit, I didn't report prostate cancer within a year of leaving and I was approved 100%, and that will be my main complaint. other than that all is well with me and D9 back here in Pittsburgh.

so until my next entry, be safe, stay healthy, and peace be with you all.


Picked up some new bar yesterday, pre-wired so no hassling with running wires through bars and sharp elbows, I'll get these installed sometime this week. Next I have to get the TPS fix, it stopped working last riding season. H.D = $100.00
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
glad things are going well and your getting some wind therapy
John Wessel from Lees Summit wrote on 03/17/2021 at 9:43 am
Greetings Boss Skinner, Regional Presidents, patched members, other prospects, and support. Rain, rain, rain, 3 days straight here in my AO. Hate to see what’s coming in April! Looking forward to a nice weekend with temps up to 60. Hope this finds everyone in good health and ready for nationals.
Ride safe, MLL&R,
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
same weather here weekend looks better.
Mickie Croxton ( TWIN ) from Wichita Falls wrote on 03/16/2021 at 11:28 am
Good morning to all Patch holders ,prospects and support
I hope that what I see on the boob tube about people still being locked down is being blown out of proportion. If not, I really feel for those Brothers still locked down. I could not see my self surviving all that . I thank god I live in Texas ,where we are free to get back to our life's. Well enough bitching . Cant wait to see my brothers and meet the new ones.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks for the post glad to hear all is well in TEXAS.Again and again THANKS for your and Dutch's work on the shirts.
wayne watts from bow wrote on 03/16/2021 at 2:01 am
Good morning to Boss Skinner, all Regional Presidents, the Patched Members, all current Prospects, and Support. Well hear it is almost midnight had to get up the dog had to go out and pee. I thought I should check in it’s been a while. Boy have we had some nice weather for almost a week. Sunshine and a hot day 31 deg. to high of 45-54 for a hour then back to the 30’s. Went and had breakfast with Radio a week ago Saturday. Went to get on the trike and the seat was frozen. Who would have guessed 7:30 in the morning and 31 deg. Thank god for heated seats, and heated riding gear. I road down over the hill for lunch last Saturday to one of our local watering holes. Sun out and so are the MC riders. Most of them had some affiliation with veterans. They were all in groups of 5 or more. One group of 10 or 12 was one that I belonged to some time ago, ( combat vets ). Their patch says vets helping vets. I was there about 2 hr. and during that time not a single person said welcome home or anything. When I left I turned around and loudly said “ to all you veterans I would like to say welcome home “ turned back around and left. You kind of get used to having civilians not say anything, but not your piers. Well enough bitching for one night. Everyone stay safe KILO
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
love it, good to hear from you and hope weather keeps improving,
GearBox from Surprise wrote on 03/15/2021 at 1:38 am
Greetings Boss, Patched, Prospects , support , etc. All is good this AO. Well RP ED Stanley got his wish LOL we had a good rainfall for couple days past week, But we did need it. Now we are in 60's and high 70's through next week, But up about 80 miles north of us ( high country ) they are snowed in ! weird. Mouse and puppy are doing fine, Bought all kinds of toys for it and instead she would rather destroy our slippers and play with empty plastic water bottles ( go figure lol ). Can finally schedule covid shot, Had to wait cause of shingles shot, Dr said had to wait one month or would interact or weaken covid shot. Positive thoughts and prayers to all on mend. Hope all our NVMC family start getting some wind weather soon. All for now. Be safe all. ML&R NVFFNV
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
all rain here wanting to ride but..........soon I hope.
TOP from CHEYENNE wrote on 03/14/2021 at 1:55 pm
Woke up this morning to a gloomy day, Sitting here at lunch, looking out my patio door. at 25 inches of snow, deeper in the drifts. Supposed to stop snowing sometime Monday morning. Will be glad when summer is here. I finally got my second corona beer shot the other day.. messed me just great. Done now. have been riding but not far. this quarantine thing is getting old. Will be good to get back together and just chill. Miss you all.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
miss u 2 BROTHER
Ed Stanley from Glendale wrote on 03/11/2021 at 6:01 pm
good job on the t-shirts twin checks in the mail, i even wore mine to bed, thanks again. everything is looking good in my region, hands was sick not bad said he was good last time i talked to him. gearbox wife had the covid but is better now. river is doing better starting to ride a little. me an the wife are doing good, hoping we get some rain we need it. till next time hang in there be safe stay healthy, can't wait for national. steamer nvffnv