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Thumper from P-Burg wrote on 09/23/2020 at 4:56 pm:
Greetings to all my Brothers, Support and well-wishers. Baby Girl and I have been cruising our AO. 200 miles on the odometer. Taking it kind of easy till we hit that 1000 Mile mark. I never had a three-wheeler before, I'm kind of liking it. Can't wait to have our next get together. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well. All my love to you guys and gals, till we meet again, keep it upright and between the ditches. LLRBF-NVFFNV
Dutch from Montana wrote on 09/23/2020 at 3:44 pm:
Shout out to Patch Holders & Support.
Took the Road King in for it's 1st 10,000 mile service. I must be out of touch, $120 an hour for Labor ?
My time grows short up here, a few weeks at best. Leaves are starting to turn, nights get'n colder. Last year my final ride was on Oct. 13th, in 2018 it was on Oct. 23rd, so tic toc ..... Speak'n of, have found myself lately sit'n in front of the computer watching the Count Down Clock on our Web Site. Eight months, Three weeks till National 2021.
Good to see the "posts" on the Guest Book, it helps our Web Site more then a lot know. Well Done & Respects to you few !
Leaving the page with this thought:
"If At First You Don't Succeed, Destroy All Evidence That It Was You Who Tried"
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Brother that's one of the best quotes I've ever heard
GearBox from Surprise,AZ wrote on 09/22/2020 at 10:06 am:
Greetings Boss, Patched, support , etc. Just a quick note to let all know , Things doing ok my AO. Been riding whenever I get a chance. Texted Brother Steamer few days ago, His AO is secure, doing ok. Finally going to get rain today, We need it !!. So I will have chance to get rid of junk Harley vacuum petcock and put on a pingel , noticed little bit of gas seeping from back of carb at diaphram, Nice easy job cause my ride does not have a vose setup. Outside of that , just keeping track of days till we all get together at National. Glad to see all on mend are getting back to normal ( Thank You LORD ) Well all for now. Proud to be a member of such a great BrotherHood. GearBox LLRBF NVFFNV !!
Big John from Baldwin, Maine wrote on 09/22/2020 at 8:24 am:
Good Day Brothers and Support members hope all are doing well. First Day of Fall here but had a frost the last day of summer and today to. Winter is coming early this year. Time to break out cold weather riding gear. Won't put the bike up till ice on the road. Mainer and I road up to Littleton, NH and had lunch with Wrongway was a great time. All that are up north stay warm those down south stay cool. May all this virus stuff go away soon. Nationals can't come soon enough.
Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 09/22/2020 at 6:11 am:
Grumpy wishes all patchholders, supports, and prospects good health and smooth roads.
My great grandson is Talon is starting to get the flat track and TT racing.Five years old.
Now its Skylers turn he had to have his 4th birthday
before he could start. Got him a 50cc drive shaft motorcycle. He can now start on the indoor circuit.
Zoot and I had a great visit with the Boss and his wife Ellen. Didn't get to go on the the ride. I had to be Pekin.
Will be getting news on Prospects out to you shortly.
Over and out.
Twin from Texas wrote on 09/21/2020 at 9:29 pm:
Hello to all Patch holders , prospects and support
We are all doing well here .I hope for a quick recovery for every one who is having health problems . I found out that getting old is not for sissies . LLRBF TWIN
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 09/21/2020 at 8:40 pm:
Greetings Brothers, Supports, future Prospects and well-wishers!!

Nothing much happening here in my AO.

I am feeling MUCH better, breathing better. Yesterday I noticed I can actually yawn like normal. YAY. Felt so good today I actually got out of the house for a bit. Hoping later this week to catch some wind therapy.

Really glad to hear Bosses numbers are so good. And everyone seems to be healthy or on the mend.


Doc Gonzo
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
good news is always the best news
Skinner National President(Ray Koch) from Piedmont ,Mo. wrote on 09/20/2020 at 10:03 am:
Well Brothers and Support,
Two fine Brothers took time out from their busy lives to ride into my AO and visit and commit to riding to the Perryville Wall.Thanks Grumpy and Zoot.
Unfortunately this ride was not completed because of delays etc.I was able to make it on the following day with some riders from Piedmont but it was just not the same as being with my BROTHERS.We did however have one hell of a turn out from all over and at a guess I would say several hundred bikes,Combat Vets,Statesmen, Christian Motorcycle Association,Liberty Riders and many many independents and a fantastic turn out from the people of the City of Perryville,Mo.
Flags and guest speakers TV and Movie celebrities, Armed Forces Personnel and of course a great bunch of Mounted Police Officers from Joplin,Springfield and the Missouri Highway Patrol concession stands the whole real deal. Great day for riding highway and back roads.
We will as a CLUB visit this Vietnam Veterans Wall next NATIONAL MEETING.
Thank GOD for my health continuing to improve and all your prayers.
RTO (eddie) from West Mifflin, Pa wrote on 09/14/2020 at 7:06 am:
Great Morning Boss Skinner, Grumpy, Patched members & support.
It's been a couple weeks since my last entry, D9 and I are doing well, hoping everyone is in great health. a special shootout to Doc Gonzo, hope you're coming along great brother.
Well September is here on the east coast and it feels like winter is on it's nasty way and not far away.
D9, friends and I are looking forward to a trip north of Pittsburgh in the first week of October to go see and hear the Elk sing out their songs of winter, always an awesome experience & time to give "Lame-Andy" a good run since the his last run to Beckley. Life is good.
not much to report just wanted everyone know we're thinking about you all and looking forward to the next gathering.
take care, ride safe. & peace to you all
Singer from Beckley, WV wrote on 09/12/2020 at 9:06 am:
Good morning, Brothers and Sisters!

Just thought I'd post that I'm the proud new owner of a 2002 Road King Trike! Pictures are up on Facebook.

Doc's still on the mend but doing remarkably well! I'll be glad to have him get to 100%!

That's it for now.

Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
seen it love it congrats,Doc will be good as gold soon enough.
Doc Gonzo from Beckley wrote on 09/11/2020 at 7:09 pm:
GREETINGS BROTHERS, Supports, well-wishers and future Prospects!!!

Finally up to updating here a bit.

I was a "lucky" one of about 106 to get the covid-19 virus sometime in conjunction with Sturgis. So far 105 of us have had positive outcomes.

I did have to spend a week in hospital. Now here let me say I do not believe I could've gotten any better care than I did at the BECKLEY WV VAMC. The VBA section may suck but the VHA personnel are OUTSTANDING DOCTORS, NURSES and Staff. Pretty sure I owe my life to RN Kelly. Apparently one is not supposed to have a heart rate of only 26, 6 breaths per minute and an oxygen level of 80%. THANK KELLY!!

Anyway, all that aside, I'm home and on the mend and have really appreciated all the positive comments and support I've received. I'd especially like to SHOUT OUT to BROTHER BD up in the North Country. Dropped me a very nice e-mail, which was greatly appreciated.

So I'm on lock down, home quarantine, till at least 9/18. I guess I'll get checked then to see if I've cleared all the virus. Sure hope so. I NEED to get some wind in the face therapy.


OBTW, Brother Zoot, I have a bunch of your stuff got left here, I'll get it out to you next week. Singer will have to get it to the USPS for me. Also, if you were at NE/SE Regional, expect a package from me. Just a little appreciation for your Brotherhood.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
great news thanks BROTHER
Thumper from P-burg, Ohio wrote on 09/09/2020 at 5:19 pm:
Greetings to all Patched Brothers and Support. All is well in the Buckeye State. As you probably all have heard. I have put Thunder out to Pasture. She was a good ride but but these old bones need something better. I hope her new owner appreciate's her as much as I did. I now have a new ride, her name is Baby Girl. She is sweet and a lot easier on the body. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Until we meet again. Sending my Love to all my "BROTHERS" and Supports. May God Bless and keep you all Safe and Sound. LLRBF-NVFFNV
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
thanks for the post and pictures of your new ride.
GearBox from Surprise,AZ wrote on 09/07/2020 at 9:55 am:
Greetings all Brothers, Support, etc., All is good our AO. Finally got my led lites for tombstone tail on friday. Got text from RP Steamer this morning, Fam is doing good, they are off to Austin ( safe travels brother ). WOW we are in a cold spell today, only going up to 108 LOL. Mouse and I send our thoughts to all on the mend. Brother Radio is right, Come -on 2021 !! All for now, Stay safe All. LLRBF
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
glad to hear from ya BROTHER, stay safe, Gonzo getting out of hospital hopefully tomorrow I should be out of quarantine Friday,not showing any signs of virus.
Radio from Clear Lake wrote on 09/02/2020 at 11:38 pm:
Greetings to all my Brothers and Support,
Would love to say that things were looking up in my area but it just ain’t so. The silliness in Washington State continues at an accelerated pace. I have been through much of the state (minus Seattle) and it appears the sky is still falling.
Hope all are doing what they think best to protect their health and sanity and looking forward to an end to 2020. The year that never was!!
Stay safe, healthy and happy.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
has for real been a year of wildness but the CLUB has done well growing with Great new BROTHERS
Thumper from P-burg, Ohio wrote on 09/01/2020 at 9:20 pm:
This will be my first report from my AO as a Full Patch Brother. I just love the sound of that "BROTHER". Kind of gives you goose bumps don't it. Greetings to Boss Skinner and Grumpy and all the other Brothers, Supports and well-wishers. All is well here in my AO. The weather is getting cooler and the night time riding is at its best. I want to say thank you to Zoot again, for putting me on to the arthritis cream. And a special shout-out to Doc Gonzo for a quick recovery. We are all praying for you Brother. That is all for now, from the Great Buckeye State. LLRBF-NVFFNV
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
ah it does have a great sound to it "BROTHER"
RTO from west mifflin, pa wrote on 09/01/2020 at 6:53 am:
Greeting Boss Skinner, NE Boss Grumpy, brothers & support,
thank you both for the shout out and the patch into this great brotherhood , much appreciated.
looking forward to mentoring a possible prospect if excepted, as well as having my girlfriend D9 becoming a support sister.
on a sad note, wishing a quick recovery for brother Doc Gonzo who has become ill due to the rona, get better Doc, keeping you in my prayers.
weather is turning quickly up here in the northeast, nights are cooler, time to start having some weekend evening fires, and putting on leathers & chaps for the early mornings and evenings rides.
well hope this note finds everyone in good health and spirits, until my next post, sending peace and gods good will to you all.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Thanks for your support and words of wisdom.
Grumpy from Sesser wrote on 08/30/2020 at 7:13 pm:
Patchholders, supports, well wishers greetings and salutations.
It was Boss Skinners and my profound pleasure to PATCH -IN
RTO and Thumper into the club this weekend.
We had a good gathering and Southeast Regions
Grumpy over out.
Admin Reply by: raymondkoch
Great food and Great fellowship .Welcome Brothers.
GearBox from Surprise,AZ wrote on 08/26/2020 at 10:15 am:
Greetings to all the Brothers, support etc, Congrats to RTO and Thumper. Welcome Home. Thoughts to all on mend. Well finally finished ( Athena ) yesterday, For a TC88 she growls. Did about thirty or forty miles to see how she ran, Definitely loves the highway ( oh yeah ). Doing some city riding today, see how she likes our triple digit heat, I sure don't, but need to see how oil temp does . Glad to see Brothers are getting some wind, Ride Safe All. LLRBF NVFFNV
Dutch from Montana wrote on 08/25/2020 at 2:25 pm:
Brothers and Support.... (our Prospects are all Full Patch Brothers now)
Am real encouraged by the Nam Vets MC Patch In's that have occurred. Brothers in the Northeast just TCB this past week.
This M/C is bigger & stronger than ever before. The quality of our Prospects has been outstanding, and that's what we need to keep our Club growing. Welcome Home to you all !
Northeast Region and Southwest Region for 2020 seems to be on fire. We are coast to coast, and border to border.
So, for you Vietnam Veterans who still ride, those who feel "NOMAD" and even a little bit "RENEGADE", those who want to leave your mark ....... Nam Vets M/C..... Nuff Said !
Our Brothers are get'n their rides in, even with this virus thing. Long haul riders like Doc & Radio, Respects to you.
Brothers with medical issues are on the mend or fix'n to get fixed. Boss, you are the light on the hill, an inspiration for us all.
What we will not do is give up, quit fight'n, or surrender. We are Nam Vets !
Feel'n real good this morning about the future of  our M/C........
Pride in the Patch
Pride in the Brotherhood ....
Now the work begins, helping Boss move this M/C forward.
On another issue, up here we are headed into Fall, just 27 days. Am sad & glad about that, all at the same time. I hate get'n older, but for me, 2020 will look good in the rear view mirror.
Am sure 2021 will be epic !
RTO from West Mifflin, PA wrote on 08/25/2020 at 7:54 am:
Greeting, Boss skinner, Boss Grumpy, Brothers, & support
The one thing I can say is Thank you all, for 1 excepting me into this brotherhood as a prospect and 2 for making me a brother. I also want to congratulate brother Thumper on his promotion in this brotherhood as we took this step together.
What can I say, it was an awesome weekend, I truly enjoyed my group and one on one conversations with Grumpy and Skinner, two men of vast wisdom and I totally understand why they are in the positions they hold. I want to send out a special reach out and thank you to Doc Gonzo for taking me under his huge wings, to Bar man & his wonderful wife Bar maid for the time spent with them while touring the Beckley coal mine site, to Zoot, loved listening to you speak, to Beth, Sam & Joe for your great hospitality and great food.
I've found that brotherhood and family that I so wanted, thank you all.
Looking forward to the next ride, and the next national.